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Why Work With a Recruiter?


As recruiters, we receive our fair share of reluctance from candidates. You may have found yourself asking, why should I work with a recruiter? IT professionals in a hot talent market can feel skeptical of how recruiters provide value, especially when they are already inundated with job offers. It seems like anyone can call themselves a recruiter these days and the standards of conduct are at an all-time low. We know because we’ve been there—our recruiters have had long-term IT careers  and used to hear from ‘head hunters’ frequently.

We recognize this has created misconceptions about recruiting. How we view our service to job seekers is that we find IT professionals meaningful careers, build relationships and change people’s lives. Here’s a look at what we do for our candidates.

Why Work With a Recruiter


The first thing to understand is this: “You have to work, to get work.” In other words, the perfect job is not going to land in your lap, be prepared to invest time and effort into finding and winning the position. Recruiters have a vested interest in your success–we believe in your value. That’s why we picked up the phone. For this to be a partnership that works, we ask you to believe in our value.

  1.  Recruiters Have access To The Hiring Manager — Someone who can negotiate on your behalf with the direct line manager is critical to your success.
  2.  Resume Review—When did you last update your resume? If it’s been more than six months, get to work! Your resume should be a reflection, of your technical skills, accomplishments, and experiences. A recruiter will point you in the right direction.
  3. Vet Your First Impression – From sweaty palms to changing in the car, recruiters will call you out on it first.
  4. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile – Your recruiter can give you tips on improving your profile. Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is updated and accurate. As a strategy for demonstrating your soft skills, ask peers and prior managers to write you a recommendation. Learn more tips on how to get noticed on LinkedIn.
  5. Company Insight—Recruiting agencies can share additional company insight due to their role as a trusted staffing partner. A note on industry standards: an ethical and professional recruiting agency should reveal who they recruit for. If they don’t, that’s a red flag.
  6. Go To Bat For Your Experience –Recognize the divide between client expectations and the workforce, your goal is to bridge that divide
  7. Support Your Career Advancement – It’s not only our role to get you your next job, it’s to assess where the opportunity falls into your long-term goals
  8. Get the Scoop on Hiring Managers Feedback – We all have a perspective on what’s going on with the hiring managers/teams. Usually, when you don’t get the job, you never hear why. Ask for feedback from the recruiter so you can hone your skills. An interview loss is an opportunity to improve.
  9. Salary Expectations– This is your opportunity to have a conversation about salary with someone who isn’t your manager, colleague, or significant other. A recruiter will help you understand the current market. A staffing company is a lot closer to market conditions and can advise you on compensation packages as well as negotiate on your behalf.
  10. Opportunities From Companies In Your Blind Spot – Candidates get stuck when they search for openings with the same companies over and over. Recruiters will bring you opportunities from companies that never entered your mind or ones you’ve never heard of, sometimes you are hired for jobs that aren’t advertised.

We have made a commitment at Staff Smart, Inc. to an excellent candidate experience.

Our top benefits

  • Not only do we value what you do, we have all been IT Professionals and our recruiters have all been hiring managers in IT, so we’ve walked in your shoes.
  • We partner with our customers and bring a technical expertise that few staffing companies can compete with, which enables us to support you more effectively.
  • We only support customers that value what we bring to the table, so having direct line manager contact is key to everyone’s success.
  • You will have transparency throughout the hiring process, and will only be presented to customers that you agree too, for an agreed upon rate.

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