April 8

Job Hunting Tips


It’s an important time for job seekers so we want to go over some tips to help you in this process! Let’s dive into it below!

The biggest thing is to update your resume. Write a rough draft and then if you can, ask people who have experience writing or looking at a lot of resumes give you suggestions. This can help you catch the little things such as typos, grammar, or formatting issues. When you start applying, tailor your resume to the job description. If you hit the keywords from the JD, especially if it’s going through an automated system first, it’ll be easier to get your resume in front of a recruiter/hiring manager.

A job hunt can be very tiring, mentally and physically. Be sure to take care of yourself by getting a good amount of sleep and eating well. It’s easy to let a job search take up all your time but we all need downtime to decompress and keep on track. Keep yourself organized and make a folder with all the emails/docs so you’re able to keep track of everything.

The last thing is to apply to jobs you are under-qualified for. Focus on the ones where your skillsets align with the JD but if there’s a job that really peaked your interest, there is no harm in applying. You never know what can happen!

Remind yourself what you’re capable of and have confidence in what you can do, you got this!


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