November 20

Zoom Comes Out With New Security Features To Get Ahead Of Microsoft Teams


In the recent need for virtual meetings, Zoom and Microsoft Teams have been trying to beat out one another with new and improved features. Zoom has seen a huge increase in users since the start of the pandemic but with popularity comes the spotlight of issues and for Zoom, that’s cybersecurity.   

The most prevalent issue is known as, “Zoom bombing” which is when uninvited users attempt to join the active call. But with these two new features, it should fix this issue. Zoom just dropped their latest two new security features: “Suspend Participant Activities” and “Report by Participants.”  

Let’s check them out! 

According to a Forbes article, “The Suspend Participant Activities function allows Zoom meeting hosts to pause their meeting temporarily, remove a disruptive user, and notify Zoom’s Trust and Safety team.” 

If you notice an unwanted user on your call you will click on the Security menu, select the suspend option, and confirm. All video, audio, chat, screen sharing, recording, and breakout rooms will end. And if you want to report the user, you will be given the option to do so and an email will be sent to the host/co-host about the incident. They can then re-enable features once the unwanted user is gone.  

This Forbes article says, “the Report by Participants feature allows participants to report a disruptive user directly from the Zoom client, by clicking the top-left security icon.”  

Zoom has also come out with a tool called, “At Risk Meeting Notifier” which scans social media for Zoom meeting links. Finding a link may give an indication that a meeting’s security could be at risk and the Zoom account owners will be notified.  

Both Zoom and Microsoft Teams have been battling to one-up each other for the last 8 months, while Zoom is the most functional the security issues have taken over. But with Zoom’s continuous effort to get rid of those security problems, Microsoft Teams is in for a back and forth battle.  

Which one do you prefer? Let us know!  

Lexi Braicovich
Marketing Coordinator


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