Zoom Buys Keybase for Cybersecurity


Zoom has confirmed that they are now using Keybase to help with their cybersecurity, which has been a hot topic since the app gained popularity over the last couple months. Zoom wants to use Keybase to help build end-to-end encryption.

Zoom says they will offer the end-to-end encryption to all its paying customers, including governments who have virtual meetings for sensitive topics that need this kind of protection. This change will affect some functionality with it not supporting phone bridges, cloud recording, or non-Zoom conference room systems.

In an article from Forbes, Zoom CEO, Eric Yuan, said, “we believe this will provide equivalent or better security than existing consumer end-to-end encrypted messaging platforms, but with the video quality and scale that has made Zoom the choice over 300 million daily meeting participants, including those at some of the world’s largest enterprises.”

What Zoom was lacking was the security of end-to-end encryption, once that is put into place nobody can access the data, not even Zoom itself. Microsoft Teams and Google Meet have been using Zoom’s lack of cybersecurity to stay on top. But with the gold standard of encryption, Zoom can catapult itself to the top of the leader board for video chat platforms.

The rate of success will depend on how fast Zoom can encrypt and implement Keybase into their system. The popularity of video chat platforms has only increased with the demand for them becoming more prevalent. Zoom adding this feature is very significant and makes the competition to be #1 that much more fierce.

Lexi Braicovich
Marketing Coordinator


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