June 26

Wonderful Innovations Happening With AI Right Now


The rise of artificial intelligence has made for mixed opinions about the topic. Some see that it could be misused and others see it as something that can change the world in a positive way. With the digital age at full speed, AI can be a valuable tool to help humans come up with solutions, make their job more efficient or enhance a process so it flows better. The list of what we think AI can do is never-ending. But what we do know, is that it’s already being used for good. Forbes put together a list of the 10 best ways artificial intelligence is being used for good. Here they are: 

Cancer Screening 

AI has dived deep into healthcare. The imaging capabilities AI has been promising for cancer identification and screening. It’s also used to predict the development of some diseases. Because of how popular AI has been in healthcare, the many published articles and journals have created an endless amount of data for more research and development.

Save the Bees 

The World Bee Project partnered with Oracle to use AI to learn how to help bees not only survive but thrive. They gather data through sensors, microphones, and cameras in the hive which is then uploaded and analyzed by AI. This identifies patterns and trends that could help early intervention to keep bees around.  

Tools for People with Disabilities 

The biggest way AI is being used in this sector is helping people overcome their disability. Huawei created StorySign, which helps deaf children learn to read by translating the words into sign language. That is just one of the many examples of the amazing things AI has done! 

Climate Change 

Machine learning can improve climate informatics while AI can help educate and predict the impacts climate change could potentially have on different regions.  

Wildlife Conservation 

AI gives these conservationists an opportunity to analyze data at a low price point while also expanding their efforts. One example of the many the University of Southern California Center for Artificial Intelligence has focused its efforts on the prevention of poaching. They used unmanned aerial vehicles to find poachers and locate animals. All the data that is collected helps them predict poacher and animal activity.  

Combat World Hunger 

What artificial intelligence does for this crisis is to analyze tons of data to help determine the perfect crop, develop seeds, maximize output, etc. It can also help identify regions that are at an increased risk of food shortages. 

Reduce Inequality and Poverty 

A criticism of AI is that it created biased algorithms but the Center for Data Science and Public Policy of the University of Chicago’s project Aequitas and IBM’s AI Fairness 360 can actually track and fix bias. A Standford University project with AI analyzed satellite imagery can predict regions of poverty which can then translate to economic aid.  

Spot “Fake News” 

We have seen this one come across our feeds, letting us know what we are reading on our timelines could potentially be fake news. Facebook uses AI to find words and patterns that could point towards fake news.  

Assess Medical Images 

AI can review medical images that can help reduce the workload for radiologists. Another tool is called AI-Pathway Companion5 can look at images, labs, etc. and suggest the next step to take. 

Prioritize Upgrades 

What AI can do here is to identify strategic areas for improvement and give solutions by simulating different scenarios to then come to the best solution. 

The popularity of artificial intelligence seems to not only be increasing but making a big impact in many different sectors. You might even be seeing AI hit your industry very soon! 

Lexi Braicovich
Marketing Coordinator


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