October 28

What To Avoid When Writing Your Resume


Resumes can be daunting to write, especially if it has been a while since you’ve updated it and have a lot to fill in. Plus, the way to write a resume has evolved over the years. With technology, it isn’t guaranteed a human will always be reading your resume nowadays. The AI looks for keywords to either push it further along to a recruiter or deny your application, which means your resume really has to be top-notch. With that, we are going to talk about a few things you should avoid on your resume! 

It’s best to avoid words only people in your industry would understand, especially if you’re looking to work in a different industry. If you’re in the hospitality industry looking to switch over to tech you don’t want to use terms that only people in the hospitality vertical would understand. Take out the keywords that don’t apply to the new role, do some research, and tweak your resume to fit the targeted industry. 

It may seem odd but don’t put your address on the resume. The commute is a factor when looking for a position that’s in the office but only you know what you can handle for your drive. You don’t want that to be a deciding factor when they’re looking over your resume.  

Lastly, avoid long and wordy sentences. It’s best to be as straight to the point as possible when it comes to talking about your career. Being concise and direct shows you know what you have accomplished and know how to get the point across (especially since most resumes should still be a page).  

Getting started on your resume is the hardest part but once you do and get the creative juices flowing, hopefully, you can bust it out! Good luck! 


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