September 2

Want To Work From Home?


Now nearing the end of 2021, working from home is no longer a distant dream. Many professionals have realized that working from home or hybrid is something they want to do for the rest of their careers. Whether it be because of saving gas/time from no commute, more personal time, or enjoying the solitude it’s no secret working from home is here to stay. With that, we want to give a few tips on how to ask your employer to WFH permanently.  

When going to your employer, make sure to talk with confidence. Having that confidence in you and your abilities to be able to do your work at home can help your employer believe in you also. Bring data to back up your confidence. Being able to see concrete numbers about how productivity can go up which would yield more money for the company could really help your case! Showing how it benefits the company will always be a good route to go.  

If your employer seems hesitant, suggest a trial period to see how working from home goes. Doing this shows you’re flexible to try it out for a few months in the hopes that it will go well. Be prompt for meetings and deadlines when you’re in your trial period to show things won’t be much different if you’re working from home. If it does go in your favor then congrats you get to work from home! If not, well you can say you gave it a good try.  

Asking your employer to work from home can be an intimidating endeavor but if you thrive being by yourself, it could benefit you and the company in many ways. You can do it!  


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