November 5

Transitioning Back Into The Office?


As the leader of your company, you may be thinking it’s time to transition your employees back to the office especially if you’ve been remote since early last year. Whether you want your employees to come in full-time or hybrid, it’s best to take the transition one step at a time. Employees have gotten set into their ways over (almost) the last couple of years so waking up early again, commuting, and sitting in an office could take some time getting used to. Below are a couple of tips to hopefully make the transition smoother! 

It’s best to start slow when transitioning your employees back into the office. Start with having them come in a few days a week and then increase over time if you want them to come in full-time. The hybrid option might be what you’re striving for and if it is, put your meetings on in-person days and let the days at home be the days’ employees can get things done. The balance of in-person and WFH, in the beginning, could help the transition, 

As an employer, leave your door open for comments, questions and concerns. Transitioning may be hard for some employees, especially if they liked working from home. Let them know they can go to you if they’re struggling or need more time transitioning into the office. Remind yourself that it might not be smooth sailing right away but eventually, your people will settle in. 

Good luck with your transition into the office!  


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