December 30

Top Tech Skills Predicted To Grow In 2021


2020 has turned our world more digital than ever before and as we transition to 2021, these top tech skills are all pointing to the future. Burning Glass Technologies’ latest research shows us what the job market will be looking for come next year, let’s check it out! 

According to their studies, the two top tech skills that will be paying the highest salary premiums are AI/Machine Learning ($14,175) and IT Automation ($24,969).  

The average salary premiums range from about $4,204-$25,000. When it comes to startups that are valued at about $1 billion, more than 33% of those companies will plan to prioritize at least one of the top ten tech skills in their new hires.  

Burning Glass Technologies used AI to analyze over 17,000 unique skills that were gathered from job listings. They then predict which disruptive skill clusters will grow the fastest, are most undersupplied and have the highest value. This type of research has proven to be very reliable because it shows what skills are being acquired as technologies grow and evolve.   

Here are some key takeaways from the study: 

1) IT Automation will be the most lucrative of all tech skills to have in 2021. A stated above, it has a salary premium of $24,969. Automation is taking over the world, in many sectors. We can only predict that it will continue to develop and more professionals will adopt the skills needed to stay current.  

2) DevOps will be the most marketable in 2021. There are about 634,600 open positions available in the US.  

3) The fastest-growing tech job skills in 2021 will be quantum computing, connected technologies, Fintech, and AI and machine learning. AI and machine learning skills are expected to grow at a 71% compound annual rate through 2025. 

As lots of companies stay remote and employers trying to find ways to make their businesses contactless, the innovation is predicted to boom more than it already has. Keep on the lookout for it!  

Lexi Braicovich
Marketing Coordinator


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