December 11

Top Social Media Apps Of 2020


I think most of us can say that we have consumed more media than ever in 2020. Being at home more often and multiple lockdowns have put is in front of screens taking in all the media that is out there. After all, 2020 was the year of most screen time per capita.  

Apptopia gathered data to tell us what the most downloaded apps were for this year (keep in mind these are new downloads, not total users across iOS and Android from January 2020-November 2020). Let’s dive into the top social media, video conferencing, and messaging apps! 

Social media is first and I don’t believe any of us are going to be surprised that the top downloaded app is Tik Tok. 

In 2020 the app has been threatened to be banned in the US multiple times, but ultimately stuck around. Tik Tok had a grand total of 82 million downloads. In case you don’t know what Tik Tok is all about, users can create short binge-worthy videos that can range from relatable and funny dances to life hacks/tutorials. The popularity of the app mainly hits the Gen Z generation. 

Coming in 2nd we have Instagram!  

At 57.5 million downloads. Over this year, Instagram has gotten some upgrades from IGTV to now having Reels (made after Tik Tok). Instagram also had resources for mental health during the pandemic and was a main source for Voting Information.

Taking 3rd place we have Snapchat!

The app had 43 million downloads and had steady growth. Snapchat has been the front runner for popular filters, otherwise known as Lenses. The projection for the app seems like it could venture away from just a social media app to a camera company.  

Now let’s look at the top video conferencing apps. 

In the top spot we have Zoom, also no surprises there! 

Once the pandemic took over, states went into lockdown and a lot of people started to work remotely the popularity of Zoom exploded. This year there were over 73 million new downloads. But Zoom wasn’t just for the corporate life, people were also using it for happy hours, game nights, and live streaming events.  

In 2nd place we have Google Duo! 

Google Duo while snagging the second-place spot, only had 18 million downloads. The platform was used for more casual video conferencing and is supported on not only Android and iOS but also desktops, making it a good replacement for those who don’t have FaceTime.  

In 3rd place we have Houseparty! 

The popularity of this video conferencing app was mostly among Gen Z with 15 million new users. In January, the app only had about 370,000 downloads and is expected to continuously keep growing.

And finally, we have the top messaging apps. 

Taking 1st place is Facebook Messenger! 

With over 51 million new users this year, the biggest change to the app this year was the cross-app communication between Instagram and Messenger. Reactions were implemented and being able to double-tap to heart messages.  

In the 2nd slot we have WhatsApp! 

WhatsApp had 41 million new downloads and has been gaining popularity over the years. Its popularity is with its encrypted messaging and now has a dark mode for users.  

For 3rd place we have Discord! 

Discord initially started out for gamers but has morphed into a platform for business users to communities discussing gaming, anime, and TV. This year it had 29 million new downloads and is expected to gain even more traction.  

That’s it! The media world has become an outlet for people looking for “face-to-face” contact in 2020. Remember to unplug every once in a while! 

Lexi Braicovich
Marketing Coordinator


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