October 1

Tech Trends For 2022


Once again, our advancement in tech is looking positive for next year. While digitization seems to always be the goal, it’s looking like it will jump into other sectors in 2022. We are going to talk about a few trends to look out for in this upcoming year!  

Artificial intelligence is going to continue to be at the front of the pack. We deal with some sort of AI every day, whether we know it or not. It helps us do just about anything ranging from business systems, our phones, voice assistants, and robotics the list goes on and on! It’s supposed to make our lives easier so as it becomes more implemented in our lives we can expect many more aspects to be automated.  

Transparency and accountability are trends that seem to be more important recently. We see on the recent Apple updates that show which apps are tracking us and we can turn it off to keep our privacy. That is one example of transparency in our tech-heavy world. Society wants to know what is happening with our tech rather than just letting it do whatever it wants. Continuing with this trend will help us control our devices and more! 

Tech is going to play a huge role in its sustainability. During the beginning of the pandemic, we saw renewable energy use increase and emissions decrease which only made sense since everyone was home and nobody was going out. With climate change and the environment being a very popular topic, we will be seeing tech trying to make an impact in this sector.  

Tech is advancing every year in so many aspects of our lives so it will be interesting to see how it impacts us in 2022! Keep an eye out!  


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