August 24

Make Your Staffing Firm Partnership a Success


Successful businesses are always on the lookout for ways to gain a competitive edge. Often times, looking outside of the business is a great place to start. Partnering with a qualified staffing firm is a great way to get that edge. This partnership can truly give companies an edge, for both small and large. Identifying a staffing partner is only half the battle. Here are a few ways to make your staffing firm partnership a success.


Approach your staffing firm like a partner, not a vendor


The primary goal of a staffing firm is to ensure top talent for their partners. In that sense, your staffing firm is much more of a business partner than say a vendor who prints your business cards.  While this is important, it doesn’t require a highly specialized partner and doesn’t immediately impact the bottom line. Often times, the success of business can depend on solid partner relationships. Choosing a staffing firm is a decision that comes with plenty of consideration. Once the decision is made, treat your staffing firm as a valued partner, that helps you achieve success.

staffing firm partnership

Provide timely feedback


Communication is a key factor to creating a successful partnership. The job market moves quickly and with it, candidates and positions. Giving timely feedback to your staffing partner ensures the most efficient and effective partnership. It’s also important that this timely feedback go both ways. If your staffing partner is not communicating with you when you need them to, they are not being a solid partner. A strong partner is proactive, not reactive.


Set clear expectations


In a partnership, both parties have expectations and being upfront about those expectations is paramount. This ensures there won’t be any unpleasant surprises down the road. Not to say issues can’t arise, but if they do, both parties have a clear understanding of their role and can more easily resolve the issue. A clear understanding of expectations also makes it easier to set, track and reach lofty goals.


Match your hiring process to the market


staffing firm partnership

Positions are unique and so are the respective hiring processes. To stay competitive, your hiring process should closely reflect that of the market. This means a candidate, who may be interviewing for many jobs simultaneously, will feel comfortable throughout the interview process. A staffing firm can help you better understand that process as they are immersed in it daily. A commitment to this approach will ensure will encourage candidates to showcase themselves.


If you choose to work with a staffing firm, try your best to create a partner relationship. Are you considering working with a staffing agency? Click here to send us a message and we can discuss in more detail!


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