October 8

Soft Skills Needed In The Age Of AI


The implementation of artificial intelligence doesn’t mean we don’t need humans, if anything we need them more than ever. Humans still excel over robots in many aspects, especially in soft skills. As machines take over the automated side of work, we will need humans to do well, the human aspect of the job.  

We are going to dive into 5 soft skills that are going to be important moving forward in the ever-changing workforce. Here they are: 


We can create as many machines and robots as we want, but they won’t beat out the creativity humans have. Humans can create, imagine, invent, and dream. Those aspects will be even more important as the way we are headed requires a new way of thinking.  

Emotional Intelligence 

This is the aspect where you really can’t compare humans and robots. Humans are able to be aware, control, and express their emotions while also being aware of others’ emotions. When someone has empathy, they have a high EQ (emotional IQ) and robots cannot connect that way. With all that being said, we will need humans to keep that EQ aspect in the workplace.  

Interpersonal Communication Skills 

Being able to successfully exchange information between each other is a vital skill and always will be. To communicate effectively with the right tone of voice and body language is how messages get delivered correctly.  

Embracing Change 

Our workforce is changing very quickly and it shows that even now people are having a hard time keeping up but being able to embrace that change is what will be important. Being flexible and adapting to new policies and requirements is what will create growth.  

Judgement and Decision Making 

Obviously, computers are better at processing information but in the end, it’s humans who make the business-critical decisions. Humans take into account the business and the employees when figuring out what to do. Technology can take care of the menial and mundane decisions where humans can focus on higher-level and more important decisions.  

Lexi Braicovich
Marketing Coordinator


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