August 14

Photoshop Uses Tech to Detect Photo Manipulation and Misinformation


Adobe is going to use its own photo manipulation technology to well… detect photo manipulation. This new tech is going to tag images with data about where it came from which will help consumers avoid getting scammed.

It will have data such as locations, time stamps, who captured it or edited it. Adobe calls it the, “Content Authenticity Initiative.”

Photoshop users will see a preview of it in a release later this year. With misinformation and fake imagery being such a problem in our digital age, this is a big first step to combat it.

According to an article from WIRED, “under CAI’s system, Photoshop and other software would add metadata to images or other content to log key properties and events […] Cryptography would be used to digitally sign the metadata and bind new tags to the old ones, creating a record of an image’s life.”

Companies like Twitter can use this tech to allow users to look at tags on images or videos. It could also advance how platforms like Twitter and Facebook flag misinformation. In order for this to work and not only companies but also users to adopt this, makers of the camera, editors, and publishers have to support CAI. Adobe is pushing for a more transparent internet, showing the users what they’re really seeing.  

The biggest goal of CAI is to separate the people who are well-intentioned and want to spread misinformation. The system isn’t perfect, but the people behind CAI want to build trust and show that their system works to give users accurate content. Once trust is built, users will get the assurance of where the content came from and if it was manipulated.

Lexi Braicovich
Marketing Coordinator


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