October 22

Nokia To Build First 4G Network On The Moon


Nokia is planning to build the first cellular network on the moon in the effort to create a sustainable human presence as part of a NASA project. With 5G being so new in the tech world, the network will be 4G because of its reliable track record. 4G has a better probability of working on the moon because of the lack of trees, buildings, or conflicting signals. Eventually, the company will pursue 5G. 

According to a Forbes article, this network will provide connectivity for anything the astronauts need including, “transmitting biometric data, controlling lunar rovers, streaming high-definition video, and enabling voice and video communications.” 

This network will be built in late 2022 with the goal of humans arriving on the moon in 2024. Nokia and Intuitive Machines will partner up to make the equipment needed for Project Artemis.  

Project Artemis has a goal of landing the first woman and next man on the moon by 2024. By 2028, they hope to sustain a human presence on the lunar surface. Nokia was awarded $14.1 million for this project, to set up the network. 

With the implementation of 4G, there will be a more reliable method of communication than the current radio standards in place.  

Nokia has a history of space innovations with launching the first-ever active orbiting communications satellite with NASA and more.  

With the many efforts to get humans on the moon, the tech we will be seeing will be out of this world!  


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