November 24

Newest Apple Privacy Feature Is A Bold Move Against Facebook


If you’ve been following the update features Apple has been rolling out, you know that this one has been long-awaited. This bold new privacy feature is a major blow to Facebook and will now be coming in 2021.  

Apple has made privacy and security their top priority in their latest updates but pushback from Facebook has prevented this one from happening, until now. If you know how Facebook works, you know that those advertisements you see on your feed aren’t there on purpose. The IDFA (identifier for advertisers) is a tracking feature that sees what you search and you then see the ad on your feed when you’re scrolling.  

Well, Apple has confirmed a feature called, “App Tracking Transparency (ATT)” that will make tracking across apps/websites opt-in only. The reason for the delay on this feature was to give developers time to make fixes to their system if need be.  

According to a Forbes article, “Apple is not against advertising; it just wants tracking to be transparent and under iPhone users’ control.” 

While these changes can be positive overall, the downfall is that once users understand the power they have over their privacy app developers are going to have to get clever on how to get data from its users.  

If you want to get some control over your privacy before this feature comes out in 2021, check out our blog post about the other features that came out on the first iOS 14 updates.

Apple is making its way to creating one of the most secure devices out there, with users being able to pick and choose what makes them comfortable when it comes to their privacy.  

Lexi Braicovich
Marketing Coordinator


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