September 24

New Privacy Features On iOS 15


Apple has released their iOS 15 update and of course, there are new privacy features to review! Cybersecurity seems to be a priority as these updates continue to be released with people liking the ability to control their privacy. After all, we are all on our phones quite often and keep a lot on our devices. Let’s take a look at a couple of new features for this update! 

One of the most popular features in iOS 15 is the ability to prevent marketers from tracking you in the Apple mail app. This is accomplished by hiding your IP address so your searches do not get linked to your inbox. It’s always crazy when your search for something and then you get an ad in your inbox right? Well now, that could be a thing of the past. Marketers are shaking in their boots a bit with this feature that’s for sure. If you want to turn this on, go into your Settings > Mail > Privacy Protection and turn on the “Protect Mail Privacy”  and “Hide IP address” setting.  

Apple has been improving the control you have over sharing your location with every update so it’s with no surprise we got another feature in iOS 15. Now you can share your location just once with an app. Once you share it once, the access is then revoked for every session after that (unless you give permission again). Unfortunately, it won’t be available to everyone quite yet but once it is, it’ll for sure be a game-changer.  

One last feature that’s pretty cool is being able to get a report on how often apps accessed things such as location, photos, camera, mic, and contacts over the week. This feature on iOS 15 could be eye-opening to see how many apps access your info.  

Apple is changing the game when it comes to privacy and letting users control how much info they want to let marketers and apps to see. What will the next update have?  


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