August 14

Make Your Linkedin Profile Shine


This is the second consecutive blog post on LinkedIn. In the last post I wrote about what a hiring manager or recruiter might look for in a LinkedIn profile. Now I want to jump on the other side of the equation and share some insights for job candidates. Here are 7 simple ways to make your LinkedIn profile shine!

linkedin profile shine

Create one!

If you are a serious professional, whether an experienced veteran or a recent college graduate, you should have a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn has become a favorite destination for recruiters and hiring managers alike. Perhaps your dream job is out there on LinkedIn, are you?

Make sure your profile is complete

If you’re going to do something, do it right. There is no sense in creating a LinkedIn profile if it is incomplete. It could be argued that you are better off not having a profile versus one that is incomplete. It implies a lack of effort and even worse a feeling of indifference.

Don’t treat it like Facebook

That last selfie you took is amazing, let all your facebook friends see it! Don’t use it for your LinkedIn profile photo. To promote yourself as a professional, it’s imperative that your picture be professional (or at least appear to be). A full set of professional headshots isn’t necessary. There are lots of great resources on taking a good LinkedIn photo. Check out this video LinkedIn made.

Make sure your LinkedIn profile aligns with your resume

Most recruiters and hiring managers will review both your resume and your LinkedIn profile. If the two don’t align, that is an immediate red flag. Was something omitted on purpose? Or was it simply an oversight? Ensure consistency to avoid ever having to confront similar questions.

Get recommendations

Who better to speak on behalf of your skills and work ethic than past and current colleagues and bosses. If you are seeking roles that require management of teams, make sure to have some of your past team members say something complimentary about your management approach. Additionally, having the recommendation of a past boss shows that you leave a positive impact on your employers. Unsure how to get started? Here are a few great tips.

Be a little personal

While LinkedIn isn’t the spot to share all of your personal life details, a small insight can be valuable. If you like playing golf or doing yoga, list that as in interest. Odds are that at some point you’ll speak with a recruiter or hiring manager with similar interests. This will help break the ice and get the relationship off to a nice start.

Build your network

LinkedIn, by definition, is a NETWORK of professionals. If you have a small network and/or are not a member of any groups related to your profession, that could reflect negatively. Either you are not involved in your career or have not taken the time to reach out to industry leaders.


Does your LinkedIn profile shine? If not, you could be missing some great opportunities and not even know it!


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