April 9

It’s Time For A Good Distraction


As we have progressed in the change in our society, with an unclear end in sight, the search for something to do is always on our minds. I’m hesitant to look at my screen-time report these days because when I have nothing to do, my phone is the first place I go to. We are in this together, so I wanted to give you some things not only I have done to pass the time but what I have seen other people do. Here they are!

Podcasts: I have seen a big increase in popularity for podcasts because in all honesty there seems to be a one for everyone. People talk about anything and everything, so here are the best podcasts to listen to now

Ableton: Have you ever thought of producing music? Now is the time because Ableton is offering their Live 10 Suite free for 90 days. Check it out here

Yoga and Meditation: I know it’s cheesy but we all need some relaxation outlets more than we think. Practicing mindfulness can help you navigate through these unknown times. SELF gives us the best YouTube yoga channels to practice yoga at home. Yoga and meditation are all about seeing what works for you, check out these great instructors and what they have to offer

Coloring Books: Adult coloring books are actually very popular! They range from big shapes to the smallest details to color in with all sorts of themed books. And you can get them for pretty cheap too. Take a look at this list from the Strategist of the best adult coloring books. Take your pick and color away!

Feel-Good Shows To Watch: I know we have all watched more shows and movies than we ever thought we could. But I wanted to give you some shows on Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and Amazon that’ll make you feel good (my personal favorite is Schitt’s Creek). Click here to get the full list

Books: If you’re a reader, check out these 27 great books from RealSimple

Oil Pastel Drawings: If you want to get really creative, I have found this artistic hobby called oil pastel drawings. I discovered it through an artist named Deepak and here is his YouTube channel for you to take a look at what it is all about and all the cool projects you can create!

Take An Ivy League College Course: Through this time colleges including Princeton, Harvard, and Yale are offering free or low-cost courses. Business Insider has given 54 courses for you to take advantage of, here they are

Through my time hanging out at home, the 8 things listed above have passed the time for me and others. These are just some of the hobbies or activities you can take up! I hope you enjoy it!

Lexi Braicovich Marketing Coordinator


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