November 11

iOS 15.2 Bringing Another Huge Privacy Feature


We all know Apple has been cracking down on privacy with every update so it’s no surprise that there’s yet another feature on iOS 15.2. If you like knowing what apps are tracking you, then this is for you! 

This new feature is the App Privacy Report and it breaks down tracking apps do on your phone. If you want to enable this setting, you will go to your Settings > Privacy > scroll until you see Record App Activity. From there you can toggle it on and then also download a report for the last week. This report will break down what apps are tracking you but the issue with this feature is reading it on your phone is difficult. If you want to see the report and its breakdowns, send it to your Mac or PC for easier reading.  

In the later updates, this issue should be fixed but this is the workaround for now. The breakdown of the report will show the permissions your apps are accessing and how frequently it’s happening. This data could be eye-opening for a user, determining if that app is worth keeping around or not. Once again, Apple is giving users more access to control over their privacy!  


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