December 3

Interview Tips To Check Out


We’re heading into the New Year quickly which means you may be on the hunt for a new job and if you are, you’ll be heading into the interview process. Interviews can be intimidating, especially if you’ve been in your current role for a while and need to brush up on your skills. Whether your interview is in-person or virtual, you’ll need to know the basics. Below we’re going to talk about a few key components of an interview that can help you out!

It’ll serve in your best interest if you do your research on the company before the interview. Being able to ask questions about the company, especially with how the last couple of years have gone, will show you’ve put in the work to do research and are interested in what they’re all about. Prepare some questions that you can ask and make sure it’s things you really want to know about the company. These questions should reflect what you care about in a work environment and the answer should shed some light on whether you think you’d be a good fit.

Dress the part! We know this is always talked about, but it really is important. Put on the best outfit you got and express that side of yourself. Take note of what others are wearing when you do the interview because if you land the job, that’ll be what you’re wearing every day. Presenting yourself in a professional way, whether in-person or virtual, will pay off.

If you’re doing a virtual interview, make sure your background is clear of anything distracting. You don’t need to clear everything out but make sure there isn’t something that could work against you in the interview. Also, make sure to test out your internet connection and mic! You can do this with a friend beforehand to test out any possible kinks. Things can always happen during the interview that is out of your control when it comes to Wi-Fi connection or your computer not glitching but if something does go awry have a backup plan.

If you’re having trouble knowing how to present yourself during an interview just think of it as you are selling yourself and your skills. Be confident in what you can contribute to the company and remind yourself that you know what you can bring to the table. You got this!


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