March 18

International Space Station Discovers New Bacteria (That’s Good For Humans)


The latest news from the International Space Station is the growth of bacteria, previously unknown to science. Scientists have been working with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to monitor bacterial growth and this is the latest discovery! 

Scientists have discovered four strains all have which made it back to Earth and found to be belonging to the family of bacteria that is usually found in soil and freshwater. One species is called Methylorubrum rhodesianum and the other three are completely new, called Methylobacterium ajmalii. 

Don’t worry, after examining the bacteria it is not only safe for humans but could also work in our favor. Scientists have found that it could help with growing crops in the harsh environment of space.  

Astronauts have typically grown food/plants in small quantities over the years and that is most likely where these bacteria came from. These bacteria could be useful in missions to the Moon or Mars in the future.  

There are about 1,000 other samples of bacteria waiting to return to Earth to be further analyzed. These types of discoveries are vital to learning about life beyond Earth! 

Lexi Braicovich
Marketing Coordinator


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