September 9

Important Questions To Ask In An Interview


Have an interview soon? They can be nerve-wracking and stressful but also exciting for a potential new path in life. Believe it or not, preparing for an interview can help ease the nerves a bit and help you be more confident. We are going to talk about one aspect of interviews: questions to ask.  

An example of one question you can ask is, “how is success measured in this position?” 

Getting the answer to this question can help you see what this position will be like beyond the job description that you saw when applying. Knowing what it will take to be successful in the position can also confirm whether or not you think you will be the right fit. Maybe you didn’t realize there was a marketing aspect to the position and that isn’t your skillset, so the job isn’t for you. Everyone wants to be successful at what they dedicate their lives to so do your best to see if you can be that in the role you’re interested in! 

Another question you can ask is, “can you describe a typical week for this role?” 

This will give you the expectations for hours per week and what your responsibilities will be in the position. Understanding what your potential employer will expect of you and the workload that it’ll entail is important. If the interviewer has the response of, “every day is different” follow up by asking what the last month looked like for the person currently in the role. If you don’t get a clear answer, that may be a red flag and you might want to take a step back to see if you want to take on that role.  

One last question you can ask is, “how would you describe the culture here?” 

There is more to a job than just the work. Asking your potential employer this question can help you see if your morals and values align with theirs. Depending on the answer, it can shed some light on what the company values and how that will impact your potential role in the business. You can also ask what type of person/personality thrives in their company and that could have a make or break answer. Needless to say, this is an important question. 

These are just a few questions you can ask in an interview but they can help get some insight on how the company operates and if you’d be a good fit. Put yourself first in the interview process and take a new job where you think you will be the happiest! 


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