August 26

How To Keep Your Job Search Going In The Right Direction


Job searches can be exhausting both emotionally and physically and at times you might be asking yourself why the process isn’t working for you. While there isn’t always a clear answer, we’re going to give you a few things you can ask yourself to maybe turn things around!  

The first thing you can ask yourself is if you are going after the right jobs. There are so many different job titles out there with different descriptions that it can be hard to narrow down your search and find what is right for you. Use the filters on job search websites to start narrowing down the process but it would also be a good idea to talk to other people in your field and see what advice they have to offer.  

Next, ask yourself if your job search efforts are consistent. Keeping up the job search weekly instead of a surge every few weeks will do wonders. This doesn’t mean you have to apply to 20 jobs a week (if you want to, by all means, but don’t burn yourself out) but even a few will keep your mindset on track.  

And lastly, ask yourself if you are reaching people high on the totem pole. Just applying to jobs might not get you very far. Do your research and find out who could get your foot through the door. Worse they can do is not respond so might as well send off an email and possibly improve your chances of landing the job! 

A job search can be hard but do your best to not let it discourage you. Get advice from the people around you, try different job search sites, and most importantly stay confident in yourself and your abilities!  


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