February 4

How To Help Zoom Fatigue


With a lot of us still working remote and some of us doing it for quite some time now or just getting started, understanding that zoom fatigue can happen is important. Even if you’ve been working at home since March 2020, you can still get zoom fatigue every once in a while. It’s important to recognize that it can affect you so if it is, we are going to dive into a couple of ways you can help get through it!

A very (VERY) important thing to do is to take regular breaks and to take care of your mind. Working virtual takes away impromptu meetings where little things can be talked out, nowadays everything is scheduled, and can somewhat feel like you have to cram everything in that meeting. With that, it’s key to take little breaks throughout the day. For 10 minutes, go outside and get some sunshine, do some breathing exercises or just close your eyes and decompress. Getting off the screen for a little bit can help you reset and be ready to get back to it once your break is over. Never taking a break will ultimately result in a lack of focus and not being able to cross tasks off your list. Take that small break, refocus and recharge, it will help you tremendously.

One other thing you can do is turn your self view off when you’re in meetings. Zoom has a feature where you can turn off being able to see yourself when you’re in meetings. Looking at yourself all day can be exhausting so go in, make sure your lighting and everything looks good, and then turn off that self-view. Not looking at yourself all day can help take the focus off what you look like and change it to what other people are saying. In a way, you are looking in a mirror all day which isn’t normal so if it’s something that you feel could help you, try it out!

Take care of yourself and understand what you need to do to make each workday a productive one!


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