March 27

How to Further Your Career During Quarantine


We all have some extra free time on our hands now, right? As much as we want to spend it watching Netflix, it’s also a good time to focus on doing some good for your career! We want to give you a few tips that can help you during this crazy time. So here they are below!

  1. Update Your Resume: Over the years, it’s easy to let your resume get outdated. You have been at your job for a while and you don’t see a need to update it. Well, as the past few weeks have proven you never know what can happen. This is a good time to add everything you have done and make sure it’s a stellar resume. If you need some help updating, check out these few tactics!
  2. Fix Your LinkedIn Profile: Your LinkedIn profile is very important for your career. It’s not only used to find a job but while you’re employed it’s a reflection of how professional you are in your current field. You want to make sure your profile is complete with a professional profile picture and you have all your work experience with what you did in each role. Make sure the dates and positions you have held match up correctly. Use this time to ask for recommendations from trustworthy sources such as prior managers or co-workers and have colleagues endorse your skills that you’ve chosen. If you have a portfolio or website that showcases all your work, add that in there for easy reference!
  3. Clean Up Your Inbox: Our inbox gets cluttered way easier than we think, signing up for company mass emails thinking we will really look at those emails a couple of years down the line. Now is the time to fix all that! Do an unsubscribe spree and you will realize how nice it is to have a decluttered inbox.
  4. Increase Your LinkedIn Connections: Networking! We all know how important networking is and it doesn’t have to stop just because we aren’t going into work. Go through all the suggested connections LinkedIn gives you and add away! Make a goal on how many connections you want to have by a certain time and watch them grow. Stay active on LinkedIn, sharing relevant articles and interacting with your peers.

We hope you find these helpful and are staying healthy!

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