July 29

How To Communicate Better


Communication is the key to the foundation of our lives. We do it every day on different levels so it’s important to do it effectively. There are a few strategies to help you better communicate, let’s talk about them! 

The first thing you can do is put yourself in the reader/listener’s shoes. Understanding what your audience will understand and grasp can make or break your communication. The best way to guarantee your communication will be successful is to talk in a way anyone can understand despite knowledge and background.  

Next, be clear about the point you’re trying to get across. If you try to talk about your point of view in a couple of sentences rather than going on a long rant it will help keep your audience engaged. If your audience stays focused that increases the likelihood of them retaining the info and it sticking with them.  

And finally, use simple language. We’ve all been there when we read an article or listen to someone that uses very complex language and it’s so easy for the point to get lost in translation. Instead of trying to “sound smart” just aim to make things easier to understand and it will benefit everyone.  

Communication has a lot of elements to it but these few things can help you start to become a better communicator!  


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