August 6

How To Be A Better Leader


The list of qualities it takes to be a good leader seems quite endless but there are a couple that stands out. As employees, we want to feel valued and not just a number that needs to crank out as much work as possible. Empathy can create a work environment that is welcoming and motivating. Leaders have to remember that their employees have lives outside of work and juggle a lot. We are going to talk about some things leaders can do to be there for their employees! 

An important thing leaders can do is put themselves in their employee’s shoes. Life happens and sometimes employees will need to use more PTO than they have accrued or unexpectedly leave work for a family emergency. Doing a quick weekly one-on-ones check-in to see if there is anything your employee needs to help them be more successful can go a long way. An employee’s overall well-being will translate into their work, whether that be positive or negative.  

The other important part of being a good leader is taking care of yourself. Your physical and emotional health is just as important as your employees. Everyone in the workplace is at risk of burnout and once that happens it’s hard to bounce back. If you are feeling not at your best, take a step back and reevaluate in order to find out what’s bugging you. As a leader, the responsibilities you have could be the cause of what is making you seem detached from others. Showing vulnerability can help build a good relationship between a leader and their employees. 

Everyone is human and we all have our own separate lives but when it comes down to it, our work is a big aspect that we have in common. It’s a two-way road between leaders and employees. Having that compassion towards each other can create a workplace that will spark endless creativity and teamwork!  


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