July 22

Comic-Con Edition: 5 Ways Employees Can Help New Hires


Help new hires acclimate to the company by enlisting your best assets: existing employees!

The first days at a new job can feel like trying to adapt to life on Mars, but without Mark Watney to show you the ropes (ICYMI, Watney is the Matt Damon’s character in “The Martian”). To combat those stressful experiences, companies can address onboarding and culture shock in creative and unconventional ways.

Take gaming company Valve out of Bellevue, Washington: Their fantastic onboarding handbook is written by employees! Valve markets their company culture as team-oriented, so a manual written by employees is that value on display. The handbook advises new employees on “how not to freak out now that you’re here.”

A written introduction to the company that’s short, fun, and relatable helps new hires acclimate to the atmosphere. They’re here, they’re hired, and they’re ready to be part of the team.

Five Tips for To Help New Hires

  • Put together simple tips that provides insight into company culture
  • Show new hires around the company so they get comfortable with the layout
  • Make sure they’re aware of any perks and traditions in the workplace. Some companies have Burrito Wednesdays or Bagel Fridays!
  • Help new hires build relationships – invite them to company activities that encourage socializing
  • Establish a buddy system so the new hire has someone to help them through that first week

Mark Watney would never have survived Mars without the support of his team. You can empower employees to be self sufficient while setting up their co-workers as resources. As a result, new hires will feel at home, speed up time to productivity  and want to stay.

For more information about employee onboarding and retention, read our post on How To Throw a Preboarding Party


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