August 12

Have You Thought About Your Digital First Impression?


Nowadays your digital first impression could happen before an in-person one. If you apply for a job, your potential employer could look at your LinkedIn profile before an interview even happens or even look you up on social media. These are just a couple of reasons why your digital first impression is so important in our world today.  

For the professional side of a digital-first impression, you want to get your LinkedIn in order. Make sure you have a good and clear headshot, potential employers want to see your face. Utilize what LinkedIn has to offer with the following sections: about, experience, skills, accomplishments, headline, and education. Filling these sections out on your profile can help potential employers find out more about you and get an idea of your personality.  

It’s also important to scrub your social media for anything inappropriate, especially if your account is public. Obviously, keep things that show who you are and what you’re about but keeping it semi-professional is just a good rule of thumb. Something else you can do is incorporate video in your profiles where potential employers can hear your voice and create another layer of your personality.  

It’s important to remember that an in-person first impression will still reign #1 when it comes to showing what you’re all about. Our digital world is a huge part of our lives but we still prefer human contact to build connections. It’s basically a balancing act between our physical and digital world, which one do you think is more important? 


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