January 14

Google Cloud Leaders Predict 5 Trends That Will Move Businesses Forward In 2021


In the last year, we saw a big reliance on technology to not only keep our world going through the pandemic but keep in touch with others. As we dive into 2021, technology is once again going to be at the forefront of our society. Google Cloud’s leaders got together and told us what they think will be the top trends to keep businesses moving forward in the new year. Let’s check them out! 

1) Real-time data analytics will be key 

According to Debanjan Saha, VP for Google Cloud, we will need a shift to strong data assets and better data analytics. Businesses need real-time analytics to be able to make quick decisions and stay ahead of the curve. If a company can see a security breach about to happen, they can stop it and get rid of all risk before any problems occur. With AI/ML in the mix, business owners can also use predictive analytics. With this, they can run simulations and be prepared for situations that could be difficult or costly.  

2) In 2021, an increased demand of databases will be needed 

Andi Gutmas, VP for Google Cloud, says we will see a big acceleration in companies migrating their databases to the cloud with it potentially reaching 75% by 2022. Businesses will probably start to look towards cloud-native databases and integrating them with analytical/ML capabilities. Databases will be key to accelerating innovation and growth for businesses.  

3) Analytics will transfer from dashboards to AI powered data experiences 

Colin Zima, Director of Product Management for Looker, says data experiences will be tailored towards what the user needs, rather than a static dashboard. These improved AI experiences are now starting to be available for the entire team (sales, business analysts, etc.) and will only push forward the idea of real-time data.

4) Geospatial data will be key to enterprise transformation 

When a digital transformation comes, usually it is because things were looked at from a new angle. Using geo-location data from satellites and drones is going to be key to understanding a different aspect of your business. For example, in marketing in sales, having transparency to demand signals through geo-tagged info will optimize limited resources and reach your market more effectively. Geospatial data is becoming more accessible to other sectors and will continue to grow.  

5) Data lakes will smarten up to support open/multi-cloud infrastructure  

Saha believes that data these days meaning combining log data, structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. The scale of the cloud now makes it possible to perform advanced data analytics. Moves to open and multi-cloud computing will make stronger data lakes/warehouses even more essential. The future will be using AI/ML solutions to make data lakes easier to navigate through which will lead to better insights and collaboration.  

With 2021 seeming like another year of curveballs and the unexpected, real-time data and analytics will be so very important in order for businesses to thrive.  

Lexi Braicovich
Marketing Coordinator


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