December 3

Former Zoox Cofounder Has Created New Startup Called HYPR


While Zoox, a recently Amazon acquired self-driving company, is getting ready to show off its futuristic vehicle, their previous CEO, Tim Kentley Klay, is also gearing up to show off his self-driving car startup called HYPR. Klay’s startup is using AI-enabled software to hopefully have cars teach themselves how to drive. 

According to a Forbes article Klay says, “it’s using reinforcement training, a branch of machine learning that utilizes a reward-based approach, to train driving algorithms dynamically-ideally with no need for direct human instruction or supervision.” 

HYPR has raised $10 million to get their project going. HYPR wants to be ahead of the robotics era, pushing the boundaries of what is possible.  

Amazon acquired Zoox for about $1.3 billion with their original cofounder, Levinson, still chief technology officer.  

Covid-19 has created some challenges for the process of getting self-driving cars on the road. The expectations of what self-driving cars can do were set so high that developers didn’t expect to have so many technology road bumps.  

Zoox is going in the direction of creating a bi-directional robotaxi where HYPR wants to attempt to perfect AI behind the wheel.  

Other self-driving car companies have started operating in a limited capacity. But for now, having these cars on the road in a full operating capacity doesn’t seem likely for at least a few more years.  


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