July 9

Evolving Technologies for Smart Cybersecurity


“Smart Cybersecurity is a logical reaction to try to manage risk by lessening security gaps often posed by reliance on manual processes that are impacted by a continual cybersecurity skills shortage and the administrative burdens of data security.” That is how Forbes defines Smart Cybersecurity.  

There are 4 evolving technologies that are helping with the enhancement of the cybersecurity vertical and the everchanging landscape. These technologies are artificial intelligence, machine learning, automated and adaptive networks, and super-computing.

Artificial Intelligence 

The nice thing about AI is that it learns from itself, coming to its own conclusions and creating solutions. Both the public and private sectors have made investments to further implement cybersecurity operations into their businesses. AI can help protect against malicious malware, ransomware, and social engineering attacks. Although AI is still in the development and research phases in cybersecurity for some businesses, it has already made a huge impact and will continue to do so.  

Machine Learning 

Machine learning can potentially be the fastest way to identify new cyber-attacks, draw statistical references, and then push that info gathered to endpoint security platforms. The combo of AI and machine learning can prove to be a true barrier for hackers. Their power together can cross-check data across multiple fragmented databases. 

Automated and Adaptive Networks 

This technology can report issues in real-time and auto-update defense framework layers. AI and machine learning are core components and support applications for automated and adaptive networks. A partner at Rally Ventures and former chairman of RSA, Art Caviello, said in this Forbes article, “there are too many things happening – too much data, too many attackers, too much of an attack surface to defend – that without those automated capabilities that you get with artificial intelligence and machine learning, you don’t have a prayer of being able to defend yourself.” 


The difference between supercomputers and regular ones is their capability for lots of storage and expansive computational powers. Scientists predict that it will play an important role in national security and scientific discovery. Their power is able to detect bugs and rapidly repair any threat quicker than other systems.  

Smart cybersecurity has a very promising future in playing a big role in identifying, fixing, and solving cyber-threats. As these technologies keep advancing, they will be ready for future challenges and cyber-attacks.

Lexi Braicovich
Marketing Coordinator


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