October 15

Essential Leadership Qualities In The Age Of AI


As artificial intelligence is starting to make its way into workplaces, it’s important to realize how much of an impact it’ll have on the companies and employees. It is in the best interest of leaders to embrace this change, not ignore it. This change in technology will alter the factors of what it takes to be a good leader.  

But fear not, we are to give you some leadership skills that we believe will be important in this artificial intelligence revolution!  


The pace that AI has swept through our workforce is mind-blowing. Being able to embrace the never-ending changes is important. Looking at this as a new opportunity rather than a burden. The implementation of AI gives businesses a chance to take their company to another level, becoming a part of the future.  


Have confidence, but also remember that things won’t go perfectly. Mistakes will happen, work through the rollercoaster with your employees and show them that as a team everyone will figure it out. Everyone will have something to contribute to the conversation that could lead the team to the solution.  


Because of how little we truly know about AI and its capabilities, leaders will need the courage to leap into the unknown. They will need to be willing to fail, change course on a whim, identify weaknesses and confront them, and learn in every aspect. Being able to do this will set a precedent that the employees can do the same with the common goal in mind of stepping up the business to the next level.  


Implementing AI won’t be a quick process, leaders will need to stay focused and always be pushing for their end goals. For leaders to be able to see through the chaos and focus on what will be successful for their company is important. Driving the company in the right direction is what will separate successful companies from the rest.  

Emotional Intelligence 

And finally, we have emotional intelligence which is actually a very important factor in the age of AI. We are dealing with robots and machines and trying to figure out how they will fit into the company. Soft skills like empathy and compassion will shine through in that process. Understanding that the process won’t be flawless and rolling through the punches with each other will not only make a great work environment but create uplifting morale.  

Artificial intelligence can be daunting at first, but it isn’t impossible to implement. Every company is different which means everyone’s AI needs will be different. Narrowing down what your company needs and how AI could potentially help that is the first step. Nobody truly knows the full capability that AI has, but we will eventually find out!  


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