March 11

Elevate Your Job Search


Struggling with your job search? Looking for a new opportunity can be draining physically and mentally if you don’t take care of yourself. So with that, we’re going to talk about a few ways you can regain focus and not exhaust yourself trying to find a new role.

If you’re applying to lots of jobs, set aside time each week to do so. During those couple hours or however long you feel is right for you, grind out on applying so you can feel productive coming out of it. While a job search can take up a lot of time, it shouldn’t take up all of it. You still deserve to relax and protect your well-being. Balance out your week by focusing on your job search on your less busy days so you aren’t piling on too much. Always put yourself first!

If you’re having trouble networking the typical way and trying to get as many connections as possible, shift your focus to work on cultivating relationships that can further your professional career. You can have 5,000 connections on LinkedIn but if they aren’t meaningful, they won’t be much help. It’s best to prioritize the friendship and grow the ones that matter to you.

And finally, when you’re applying to jobs focus on ones that genuinely interest you. We invest a lot of time into our professional careers, it should be something you enjoy. Take the time to reflect and think about what you want this next phase of your life to be. Even though it may be stressful, it’s an exciting time!

You got this, good luck!


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