October 29

Couple Raised $10 Million To Improve Cancer Treatment For Dogs


Ben Lewis and Christina Lopes made it their mission to improve cancer treatment for dogs and they’re doing just that. Veterinary oncologist, Dr. Mona Rosenberg, had a patient with metastatic thyroid cancer and was treated with chemotherapy but with that type of cancer that always doesn’t work. With this treatment, cancer still spread to the lymph node and lungs.  

We have seen many advances in the treatment of cancer for humans, but unfortunately, the treatment for dogs has stayed outdated. Many cancer treatments are first tested in dogs, but their treatment has stayed in the 20th century. This is where Lewis and Lopes come in, the duo founded their San Francisco-based company called One Health founded in 2016 and wanted to change this narrative. Their product, FidoCure, combines advanced genomics and AI to create better cancer treatment for dogs using data from treating cancer in humans. Everything they gathered, also provided insight into human cancer treatment.  

In an article from Forbes Lopes says, “everything’s tested on the dog for the human R&D paradigm and it never comes back. So the dog remains the subject in this arc, and we’re like, ‘no, we’re going to change this.'” 

Lopes and Lewis met in Brazil in 2012 and both were looking for entrepreneurial opportunities to follow their passions, veterinary care, and animal health.  

The company announced that they have raised $10 million for their cause led by Polaris Partners and Borealis Ventures. Other investors such as Y-Combinator, Tau Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, and Lere Hippeau also participated.  

In January 2019, One Health started offering its product, examining 70 dogs, and recommending treatment. 1,000 canines and 300 veterinarians later, the results have been positive. Dr. Rosenberg had another thyroid cancer patient, once its lymph node was removed Rosenberg collaborated with One Health to create a treatment plan. The treatment was applied and the canine is healthy and alive.  

We love our furry friends and with innovations like these, there is hope for them to live long and happy lives!  


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