April 7

Becoming An Inspiring Leader


When it comes to being an inspiring and influential leader in this day and age, there is a lot of characteristics we look up to. It truly varies from person to person and what they need to feel like the world is their oyster. But there are a few qualities that make a leader bold and what they all have in common that puts them above the rest.  

Let’s dive into a few of them! 


In a professional career, it’s only natural to go through battles of confidence and self-esteem. Trying to find the right path and succeed is difficult, to say the least. But confidence isn’t something you get overnight, you have to work at it and build the foundation. Gaining confidence in not only yourself but your skills requires a lot of positive self-talk and reminders that you really can accomplish what you’re going after. In order to lead well, inner confidence has to be at the core of how you conduct yourself. Your employees and colleagues will trust your decisions and strategy.  


Because of social media, we are in what I like to call a, “compare yourself society” and by that, I mean whatever we do, we compare it to what someone else is doing. Am I doing better than that person? Should I have the same skills as them to get the job? The questions we ask ourselves are endless and they do more harm than we think. As a leader, being authentic means embracing what makes you different than the rest and using that to your advantage. Only you think the way you do which means your perspective is unique. Own who you are and run with it! 


Everyone knows what it’s like to have a robot boss, one that seems like they have no emotions and could care less about their employees. It’s difficult to work in an environment like that. As a leader, you have a responsibility to take a genuine interest in your employees because, in the end, they help make the company succeed. Being vulnerable and having empathy creates connection. And being a boss that employees feel like they can talk to and that remembers we are all just human goes a long way. Sharing struggle, success, and pain will inspire your employees to do the same.  

Being a leader, and a good one is a lot of responsibility. But by embracing these qualities above, you can inspire others in not only their professional career but personal life. Being the reason someone finds their passion is unlike any other feeling!  

Lexi Braicovich
Marketing Coordinator


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