December 18

A ‘Skills Revolution’ Is Pivotal For The Future


COVID-19 shifted us into a remote world at a fast rate, we had to adapt while also trying to balance our work and life. Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), answered some questions on the workforce and what the future looks like.  

Schwab believes that upskilling is needed for in-demand jobs. It is predicted by Teresa Carlson, MP of AWS Worldwide Public Sector, that by 2025 AWS will boost the technical skills of 29 million professionals.  

When the pandemic hit the US, many people and companies were left behind because of technology deficiencies, this is where the skills revolution comes in. According to Carlson, data analysts/scientists, artificial intelligence specialists, digital marketing/strategy specialists, and big data specialists will be the most in-demand in the future. Companies need to upskill employees to stay ahead of the curve and keep up to date with the latest technologies.  

Experts are also saying that hybrid jobs will be in demand. These types of jobs are a combo of technical and soft skills. But the problem is that millions of US employees have limited or no digital skills according to the NSC. The NSC is looking to President-elect Joe Biden and Congress to emphasize the upskilling/reskilling of these employees.  

Schwab believes that this upskilling task is not just for the government, it’s also for private orgs. He says, “it’s a joint task of government and business. It should be a company’s prerogative to provide learning opportunities inside and outside of the workplace – a hybrid approach. In an ideal world, everybody should be certified regularly on upskilling.”  

The pandemic has brought on a lot of questions about the workforce and how to continue to make it thrive, it’s key to continue to encourage employees to stay up to date with the latest and greatest technologies.  

Stay safe and happy holidays!  

Lexi Braicovich
Marketing Coordinator


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