September 17

A Few Tips On How To Write A Cover Letter


The usual consensus about a cover letter is that they’re hard to write and people constantly ask if they’re even important. Well, they are. Cover letters play an important role in you potentially landing the job so it’s key that we all know how to write one. We are going to go over a few tips to write the best cover letter possible and ultimately increase the chances of landing the job! 

It may seem obvious but avoid typos/misspellings in your cover letter. Personally, I love Grammarly because once it is installed it will highlight anything that is misspelled or could be written better. You want your cover letter to flow and this is one of many tools you can use to make sure it does that.  

Focus on the first couple sentences of your cover letter. This is the first thing a potential employer will read and if it doesn’t pull them in, they will just move on to the next. Avoid informal and impersonal greetings (saying hi, to whom it may concern, etc.) so it’s best to mention the name of the hiring manager because it shows you did your research to see who would be reading your cover letter.  

To bounce off the topic of doing your research about the company, it’s important to mention words that were in the job description and things about the company. Now with technology in the mix, a lot of companies have implemented a scanning system to weed out candidates that don’t fit the job description. Including those keywords from the job description can help you get past the computer stage where a recruiter will be able to look at your cover letter and resume.  

These few tips are just scratching the surface on how to get you a top-notch cover letter but they’re still important! Hope this helps! 


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