October 22

A Couple Ways To Land A New Role


It’s no surprise that social media can help someone land a job so we are going to give a couple of ways you can use the digital world to your professional advantage!  

The first thing you can do is network on your social media platforms. This doesn’t just mean LinkedIn, you can widen your professional network on other platforms. Send messages, comment, and talk to everyone. You never know what opportunity they could have that aligns with what you’re looking for. And this also isn’t just for finding a job because talking to a bunch of people means being able to pick their brain and get advice to advance further in your field. As they say, it’s all in who you know! 

Your friends can also be a valuable asset to your professional life. Your friends know you on a level that others might not and could know if you will be a good fit for certain roles. Most of us are at a point in our lives where we have connections and could help a friend land a new job so if you know someone in your circle is looking, be an ally for them. Start tapping into your own network to see if something pops up, you never know. 

When looking for a job, make it known! Let everyone know because you never know who could know of an opening and could get you an interview. Job hunting can be exhausting but also rewarding when you get that new job. Good luck! 


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