February 19

5 Tips For A Social Media Driven Job Search World


In our digital age, social media and job hunting have become a powerful duo. There are so many sites at our disposal but especially now, the job market has proved to be difficult. In a Forbes article, Jonathan Javier and Jerry Lee were interviewed and talked about five tips to land your dream job. We are going to summarize them below, check it out! 

Tip #1: Develop ATS Friendly Resume 

Unfortunately, a lot of companies will scan resumes using an ATS system rather than looking at them in person. It’s important to submit a resume catered towards the job you’re applying to so when it goes through the ATS the keywords will be read.  

Tip #2: Take Advantage of LinkedIn Search Functions 

LinkedIn has become a powerful professional social media platform and it has a lot to offer when it comes to job hunting. Their algorithm and search capabilities make it able to connect to people in your industry, location, or the same college.  

Tip #3: Personalized Connection Invitation 

This feature is something users don’t utilize as often as they should! Sending a personal message when sending a connection request can make you stand apart from everyone else and introduce yourself. It’s important to establish a connection between the two of you in the message (Ex. alumni from the same university).

Tip #4: Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. It may be intimidating at first but whether it’s asking to apply to a job, mentorship, or feedback go for it!  

Tip #5: Check-In/Stay Connected 

There is a difference between making the connection and nurturing it. Once the connection is made, keep outreach going whether that be commenting on posts or sending direct messages. Ideally, reaching out in some way every three months will keep the connection strong.

We don’t know what 2021 holds when it comes to the job market. The whole process can be frustrating but remember to have confidence in yourself and your skills! 

Lexi Braicovich
Marketing Coordinator


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