April 2

2020: The Year of Twitch?


As much of the world is entering self-isolation mode, everyone is getting more creative on how to stay connected. That’s where Twitch comes in. Twitch seems to be in a unique position to be able to cater to all sorts of audiences as the social-distancing protocols got extended through the end of April. The evolution from gaming into the mainstream seems to be at its reach.

If there is anything Hollywood’s Golden Age taught us during the Great Depression, it’s that humans will always have a love for entertainment. As we have evolved into a digital world, we now have many options. We have our usual Netflix, Hulu and Disney+ we can watch all day but that can get repetitive. We crave one thing: human connection. We want to feel a sense of community during times like these. And Twitch does just that by giving us that interactive side of the Internet.

For a little background on what Twitch is, the majority of users are gamers and is the world’s largest video game streaming platform. Users can stream themselves playing games such as Fortnight, League of Legends and Rocket League. Live chats are in the streams and give users the ability to talk to other gamers. The biggest difference between Twitch and other streaming platforms is why they use it. Twitch users come to engage in the community rather than just watching videos. Twitch lets users build their profile to their personality, gearing it towards what they like and finding others with similar interests.

But over the last few weeks, other people have joined the platform. Musicians and creatives have seen what Twitch has to offer and are now using it to stay connected to their fanbase. According to StreamElements, a streaming software company that conducts regular surveys of streaming landscapes, over the last couple of weeks, traffic has increased by 10 percent. Twitch’s COO, Sara Clemens, said, “these are difficult and uncertain times, but Twitch has always been about bringing people together, making connections, and creating communities around shared interests.”

Twitch has seen success with streaming conferences and fireside chats and will be looking into how their platform can intertwine with businesses. The biggest boost of users seems to be coming from the music world. With many events cancelled, DJ’s and musicians are occupying our Friday and Saturday nights with not only music we love but a sense of normalcy. A lot of musicians’ income comes from touring and with that out of the picture, Twitch gives the opportunity for them to not only feel connected to their fans but earn some income in the process.

Get creative with how you connect to others, whether it be Twitch, a different streaming service or something completely different! We will adapt and find ways to stay productive through this time, stay safe out there everyone!

Lexi Braicovich Marketing Coordinator


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