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16 Emerging Game-Changing Technologies


We all know that technology is rapidly evolving and advancing. But because of so many innovations constantly coming out, sometimes it’s hard for everything to get recognized. Forbes Technology Council gathered the most impressive tech they have seen over the last 3 years that people might not know about yet but will be huge very soon.  

I came across an article on Forbes that gives us 16 different technologies that are emerging and will have so many benefits for our tech-loving society. Here we go: 

Quantum Computing: More funding has become available to make quantum computing more available. “Quantum computing is a game-changer because it changes the fundamental paradigm in how computation is delivered into many industries” – Ravi Subramanian, Mentor Graphics 

Devices That Balance Innovation and Privacy: With COVID-19, we have seen this balance try to shine through. Trying to find the perfect balance between research, information and personal protection is what Hillit Meidar-Alfi from Spatially has been focusing on. 

Transformer Neural Network Architecture: Mike Moniz from Circadence Corporation has said that this technology has revolutionized natural language processing capabilities. It has advanced tasks like speech recognition and answering questions. 

WeChat: This app is very popular in China. William Charles Lee from GQIT said, “think of WhatsApp, PayPal, FB, and LinkedIn all in one, plus more.” Users can shake their phone and it will auto-connect you to a close-by user who is also shaking their phone.

Cloud-Based Automated UI Testing: Patrick Emmons from DragonSpears, Inc. uses Qentinel, “a cloud-based UI testing framework based on robot framework.” It makes testing easy for technical professionals.  

Blockchain Security and Compliance Monitoring: Lots of this technology works in the background, unknown to lots of users, but is very important in keeping critical information safe. Jason Lau from Crypto.com noticed a major increase in cryptocurrency awareness in 2017 when prices skyrocketed which resulted in a need for blockchain security and compliance monitoring.  

FIDO2: Arshad Noor from StrongKey said, “undoubtedly, the most impressive tech that can have an impact on human behavior and cybersecurity.” It makes complex authentication tech easy to use. 

AutoAI: According to Alyssa Simpson Rochwerger from Appen, “it’s game-changing because it democratizes model building to a much broader audience, allowing simple model building and accelerating the pace of AI adoption.”

Anti-Microbial Visible Light: Steve Pao from Hillwork, LLC said this new technology uses visible blue light as a first-line antimicrobial that will help restrict antibiotics use and only use them when actually needed. 

Remote Condition Monitoring: “Sensors that you can secure to equipment can tell a plant manager when the temperature is too high in critical spots where food is stored,” says Ryan Chan from UpKeep Maintenance Management.

Google’s Automated Phone Calls and Answering Help: This technology is more of a game-changer for everyday business life says Robert Weissgraeber from AX Semantics. It can screen phone calls and do basic tasks such as setting up meetings.

Dual Lens Cameras: Abishek Surana Rajendra from Course Hero highlights GoPro for the advanced cameras they have developed over the years, specifically the GoPro Max. With its combination of an action camera and 360-degree capabilities, it captures unique pictures from all different perspectives.    

Telegram Splitting: “Telegram splitting is a new radio approach to long-range wireless communication […] for the first time, low-power wide-area networks become highly scalable and robust against interference to enable massive-scale IoT deployment and democratized wireless communication in the license-free spectrum.” – Wolfgang Thieme, BehrTech 

Omniscience and Next-Best-Action Prediction: Christopher Yang from Corporate Travel Management says machine learning has advanced the capability to identify an audience and gather the demographics. Using the data and technology, it can predict the next best steps for a strategy.  

Color-Changing Medical Tattoos: MIT has been in the works of creating medical tattoos that change colors when your body changes, Michael Hoyt from Life Cycle Engineering, Inc. says, “one such tattoo measures glucose levels in diabetics to provide alerts when glucose levels are critically low or critically high.”

Consumer eSIM: Ahmad (AI) Fares from CeliTech Inc. talks about embedded SIM cards that cellphone users now rely on to be able to switch wireless plans with ease. Instead of the physical change of SIM cards, it can be changed over with a few clicks.  

If you want to see the article from Forbes, click here.

Be on the lookout for these emerging technical advances, they’re going to be the next hottest thing! 


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