February 6

12 Simple Habits to Reduce Stress and Increase Joy at Work


When it comes to reducing stress, increasing joy, and enhancing overall productivity, mindfulness has proved to be very successful in the workplace. Getting started seems to be the most challenging part, but developing consistent habits that encourage mindfulness is right in your reach. Forbes pulled together mindfulness thought leaders and asked them for tips and tricks on how to achieve this. Check them out below!

Shonda Moralis, a Women’s Mindful Empowerment Coach, gives us these tips:

  • Meditate for 5 Minutes: With the endless apps out there to download, this can help lower stress and boost awareness
  • Take Mindful Breaks: Taking a daily break can bring us back to the current moment rather than being in a haze. She gives us 4 different examples of mindful break options that include desk body scan, tracking the energy, unmute yourself, and oxygen. Click the link to see how to practice these!

Checkout these options from Jacqueline Carter, Partner, Potential Project, and Co-author of Enhance Performance at Work with Mindfulness:

  • Silence notifications: Distractions can decrease productivity throughout the day, take control of how you focus your attention and check your device when you want to instead of when you hear your phone buzz
  • Stop Multitasking: Trying to multi-task leaves more room for mistakes, taking the time to focus on one task produces better results
  • Get enough sleep: Fatigue has proved to influence your performance at work. Getting enough sleep, reducing screen time, and practicing mindfulness before bed can positively translate to your workday

Gary Simonds and Wayne Sotile, co-authors of Thriving in Healthcare tell us about their mindfulness tips:

  • Stop Telling Yourself a Story: We tend to listen to the chatter in our head about let it distract us, focus on what is going on in the present moment
  • Use a Worry Parking Lot: If something is consuming your thoughts, put the concerns away in a “parking lot” and agree with yourself to revisit it at a later time
  • Learn About Your Co-workers: Getting to know the people you work with can help feel more connected to your workplace environment
  • Identify the 10%: Simonds and Sotile say that when it comes down to it, 90% of problems are external. Focusing on the 10% that you can control is crucial

And finally, Vish Chatterji, Executive Coach and co-author of Business Casual Yogi: Take Charge of Your Body, Mind & Career, gives us a few tips:

  • Leisurely Stroll: Take a 10 minute stroll after a stressful event to decompress
  • Spine Stretch: Stretch in six directions throughout the day to relieve tension from different parts of your body
  • Brain Dump: End your day by taking part in a “brain dump” journaling about difficult interactions you had throughout the day

Trying these out and seeing what works for you can help improve the quality of your workday, happy mindfulness!

Click the link to dive into each mindfulness tactic more and read the full article! 


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